Friday, July 21, 2017

Breakfast @ PPHCSC

Halal lunch at PPHCSC is on every Monday whereby breakfast is on Friday morning.  I was joking with my mum why don't she go for the Halal lunch on Monday instead of the breakfast session as i understand that Halal lunch, not much people, around 30 person, whereby Friday breakfast, there's over 100 people.

As usual, brought my mum to the breakfast session at PPHCSC, i had Milo.

Bee Hoon with half Fried Butterfly Bun and a small portion of fish, courtesy of a resident. 

This round, the staffs of PPHCSC came together and prepare laksa with ingredients like fish cake, tau pok, half hard boiled egg for the residents.  Loves the laksa as it's delicious.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Roasted Duck Rice

I wanted to go to the supermarket at Jurong Point to buy my grocery, but ended up at Taman Jurong.  So was at the Food Centre looking around what to eat.

Has been quite sometimes since i went to Taman Jurong Food Centre.  The other time, i was there, this stall has long Q, no, i didn't Q for the foods at that time.

This stall sells Roasted Meat, Char Siew, Roasted Duck, Chicken, etc.  Since only a few person in the Q, i thought i will try out this stall.  At first, i was undecided on what to eat, saw those in front of me, some ordered Roasted Duck, so decided on Roasted Duck Rice.

At first, i thought it's $3.50 as saw from the sign $3.50, i gave the lady $10, she gave me back the change of $4 (I tabao back a packet of Chicken Rice for my mum), so it's $3 for the Roast Duck Rice.  For me, find it's nothing special from any other stall selling Roasted Duck, don't think i will Q for it the next round if i am in the vicinity and there's a Q.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak

The other time, i was at my neighbourhood having Vegetarian Bee Hoon Mee, when the lady told me they also sell Vegetarian Nasi Lemak, Vegetarian Lontong, etc.

I was curious about Vegetarian Nasi Lemak as i never tried it before. My first try of Vegetarian Nasi Lemak @ $3.

Vegetarian Beancurd

Vegetarian Fish


Chilli Sauce


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What a Sunday (16th July)

PPHCSC celebrates their 15th Anniversary and there's a Carnival at the Hard Court at my kampong on 16th July from 10am to 2pm.  So to said, there's no service at Church on that day.

One of the RC at my kampong, their Senior Friendship Circle breakfast is on every third Sunday from 8.30am to 9.30am.

I was asking my mum if she wants to go for the breakfast before going for the Carnival.  At first, she was not keen.

So i thought, since she doesn't wanted to go, i will go for the free Zumba session at my kampong there which starts from 7.15am to 8am.  Upon reaching the venue, the Person-in-Charge came to inform that the session was cancel as he receive message from the Instructor when he switch on his handphone that morning that the Instructor was sick and can't find a replacement Instructor.

So i walk back home.  Then i ask my mum again if she wants to go for the Senior Friendship Centre breakfast, again, her answer is no, then after a while, she change her mind and told me she wanted to go.  So she went to do her business and then get change.  Just when i went to the bathroom, oh gosh, she soil, but no time for me to clean up the mess, if not, will be late.

Nasi Lemak is served

After the Senior Friendship Centre, we process to PPHCSC 15th Anniversary Carnival.

Games station

Games Station

For kids

Stage performance

Each person is give 3 snacks coupon, when i saw jiao zi, i know i must take it as jiao zi is one of my favourite.  Since my mum and i, two person, we have 6 snack coupon.  Took different items to share share so that we can taste different foods.

My mum loves mee siam, so took a bowl, my mum has eaten some, then i eat, so only manage to take picture of half of the bowl.

Lunch that is provided - Nasi Lemak

After the Carnival, went back and rest, before it's time to go for Sunday at the Park at the neighbourhood Park.  The usual Instructor is not there, but came another Instructor, not used to the Instructor.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Chwee Kueh

Was at a relative house, before going back, was thinking either going Beo Crescent or Tiong Bahru for dinner.  End up at Tiong Bahru Food Centre.

Was walking one round and undecided what to eat as not all stalls are opened.  Saw a stall selling Chwee Kueh, Chee Cheong Fun, went over to ask if could mixed Chwee Kueh and Chee Cheong Fun.  Was told either it's Chwee Kueh or Chee Cheong Fun, no mixing, so i can only decided on one.  End up having Chwee Kueh, 5 @ $2.50.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Grilled Fish Set @ Jurong Point

Was at the supermarket in Jurong Point to buy grocery and back to the Kopitiam to have my meal.

The other time, i tried the Grilled Chicken Set, this round, i had the Grilled Fish Set, this time, i remember to borrow the card from my mum, Set is $6, after 10% discount, it's $5.40.  Overall, i will said i prefer the Grilled Chicken Set.


Chilli Sauce

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Random Post

Passed by a cake shop in Jurong Point and saw some cute cake, stop by to take picture of it.




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