Friday, November 17, 2017

Sunday (12th Nov)

Since I am meeting friend on Saturday, didn't bring my mum to the Saturday Hokkien Service in Tanglin Road, went Sunday morning Church Service in Bukit Batok (the Church have 2 worship centre, one in Tanglin Road, another in Bukit Batok).

The Church have a cafe selling breakfast, the service starts at 9am, but we were there at 8am as to have breakfast there.  My mum wants Nasi  Lemak @ $1.50.

I ordered a Mee Siam @ $2.  Was told next week, they will be closed and will reopen in January 2018.

After the service, we went to the Food Centre at Jurong East St. 24 to have our lunch.  My mum wants porridge.  There are two stalls selling porridge, the stall I wanted to order from has sold out their porridge.  So order from the other stall.  Ordered a fish plus meatball porridge @ $4 for my mum.  I didn't order for myself porridge as I never try this stall before.

Walk around to see what to eat where I saw an elderly lady unconscious, a guy was doing CPR for her. Kudo to the guy.  If me, I don't think i have the guts to do it as the other time when I learn CPR, it was done on dummy.

Saw a stall selling wanton mee, a few customers queuing and I join in the queue and order a fried dumpling noodle @ $3.50. 

Will queuing for the food, saw the ambulance arrive.  Hope the elderly lady is alright.

After that, went to the nearby coffeeshop to drink coffee before going back. Coffee @ $1.10 each.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Osaka Ohsho @ Bugis Junction (11th Nov)

Meetup with a long time no see friend at Bugis Junction for lunch.  We walk a few rounds before deciding on what to eat.

We were at Osaka Ohsho at the basement of Bugis Junction.

Friend had the Salmon rice set

Set comes with gyoza, can't remember the name of it as receipt with my friend.

From the menu, the teriyaki chicken dry ramen looks good, beside I have not try ramen in dry version before as usually what I had is soup version.  When the food is served, the teriyaki chicken looks so different from the menu.

The ramen

My favourite gyoza

After the lunch, we went desserts at Bugis + before we call it a day.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Daily Scoop @ Sunset Way

Since I was in the vicinity where The Daily Scoop is, decided to go try it out.

It's located in Clementi Arcade

The name of the ice cream shop, The Daily Scoop

Hazelnut Haven (Chocolate Base) @ $3.80

Picture in the cup

Picture in the cup

My empty cup

Upon leaving, saw the sky has turn dark, not going to walk back as doesn't want to run the risk of getting caught in the rain if there is a sudden rain.

The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe
41 Sunset Way
@01-04 Clementi Arcade
Tel : 6463 3365
Website :

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Yong Tau Foo Hotplate with Mi Tai Bak @ Sunset Way

The other time, didn't manage to do much walking due to the sudden heavy downpour, then on another round, saw that the weather is good, decided to walk the Ulu Pandan Park Connector which is near my place, it takes about 15 minutes from my place to the starting point of the Park Connector.  I end up at Sunset Way after about 35 minutes walk.

Was a bit hungry at that point of time, so decided to go makan.

End up at a coffeeshop and ordered  hotplate yong tau foo with mi tai bak @ $4.80.  Guess mi tai bak is not popular as saw the guy took out a container with the mi tai bak in it from the fridge.  As the noodles, bee hoon, etc., it was place at the side where he did the cooking.

After eating, pass by a shop selling chicken pie, the chicken pie is $0.50 more than the hotplate yong tau foo mi tai bak.  I should have walk a round before decide what to eat. Too quick to make decision. If I first saw the chicken pie, I will go for it.

The soup 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Has been a while since I did any walking and also has been a bit of stress out lately.  Thought of having some me time by going for a walk.

Lately, it has been raining past midnight. Thinking it won't rain in the day time, thought I will go walk at the nearest park connector near my place which is the Ulu Pandan Park Connector.

When I start the walk, saw that the sky has turn dark, I thought I will walk the shortest route, to Tradehub 21, then have a cup of coffee before back.

Oh no, walk a bit, sudden there is a heavy downpour, at first, I thought of not bringing umbrella, but thank God, I did bring it along.  If not, I will be drench.  And also, it's not Natural Reserves, if not, I will not know what to do.

Exit at the nearest exit and took a bus back to Jurong East Interchange.

Went Westgate, there's a Honolulu Cafe which I have yet to try, thought I will have tea break there before going back.  Ordered a Egg tart which I find alright.  Then a coffee to go along with it, but the coffee, nothing to shout about, for the price and the standard of the coffee, I could get 3 cups of it if I were to have it at coffeeshop.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Nasi Lemak @ Malaysia Boleh (Jurong Point)

Try out the Nasi Lemak from Malaysia Boleh @ Jurong Point.

A set cost $3.50

Guess the chicken wing has been there for a while as it's cold, it will be nicer if it's hot.

The ikan bilis is nice, very crispy

No comment for the half hard-boil egg

Loves the sambal, should have request for a bit more.

Rice, just nice

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jalan jalan makan makan (5th Nov)

Starts my Sunday morning with Zumba, then bought breakfast back, take shower. It has been quite sometimes since I went Changi Airport.  Changi Airport Terminal 4 opens recently.  Was asking my mum if she wants to go there jalan jalan.  She's ok, but then she does not like to take MRT.  So we took bus there.  Took a bus from my place to Eunos and change to bus no. 24 that goes to Changi Airport.

We stop at Terminal 3, was greet by this huge bear when we enter the premise.

Then ask my mum if she wanted to go makan, let her choose where she wants to eat.

We were at the Food Court in Terminal 3.  She wanted the Saba fish set @ $7.50.

Chawamushi @ $1 if order any set meal, my mum took a bite before I am ready to take picture of it.

I was tempted by the xiao long bao @ $5

Dessert was Bo-Bo cha cha @ $3 to share, lucky I was not greedy enough to order another dessert, if not, don't think can finish it.

At first I thought there's skytrain to connect to Terminal 4, I was wrong, there's shuttle bus from Terminal 2 that takes the public to Terminal 4.

 Guess Terminal 4 just open recently, so it was mountain people, mountain sea and also it's weekend.

While walking around the Food Court, was attracted by this ong lai flower, hardly I see flower in the form of ong lai.

Lucky my mum and I, we eat at Terminal 3, as the eatery place in Terminal 4, full house.

Decoration at Food Court area

Taken from the carpark

At the departure hall

We took the shuttle bus back to Terminal 2, then take bus no. 24 to Geylang Serai where my mum wanted to go to the usual Indian eatery she been before.

My mum wants mee goreng, but we were there at around 4.30pm, mee goreng is only available at 5pm. So order Indian rojak as requested by her.

Had a piece of plain prata and an egg prata.  We share share the Indian rojak and prata.


Total for the Indian rojak, prata and 2 cups of kopi, $8.10.

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